Internet has spread everywhere. Various people have access to the global information network accessed by the representatives of all ages (except perhaps little children) and social categories. It is not surprising that such a common system affected all spheres of our lives, from work to personal problems. A lot of people work, socialize and meet on the Internet… And lately, people are even getting married.

There is a significant difference between the virtual dating services and virtual registry offices: if the first is intended solely for dating, suggesting that then people will meet and transfer their relationship to the real world, the second offers a continuation of “life” in virtual space. Real meeting is not required for a virtual marriage. Moreover, it is often even believed that such familiarity can destroy a virtual romance.

The question arises: why one will need a virtual marriage? There is simply no question about having children or child support. There is nothing real. The relationship in this situation is based on just talk and nothing more.

If you look at people, who agree to a virtual marriage, it becomes obvious: all of them are in one degree or another not satisfied with their personal life. Sometimes their real marriage fails, or they are alone and cannot even meet a potential partner.

It is curious that, for those who are not satisfied with the real-life partner, a virtual marriage is merely a means of distraction, and in fact these people want a real relationship.

Popularity of virtual marriages contributes to certain anonymity. After all, if you do not use video chat, it is impossible to know how the person you talk to looks like.

Of course, it is much easier to charm someone with beautiful phrases in the chat than to do it in real life. And many singles go to the virtual space, fall in love with the lines on the screen and enter into a virtual marriage.

Interestingly, most single people after a virtual divorce tend to a virtual marriage again. Even before receiving a letter with the notice of dissolution of marriage, they begin to look for a new partner.

However, one should consider that if you get sick, a virtual spouse will not give you a medication, but can only sympathize from a distance. He will not give you a hand when you stumble, his gifts are all virtual, like all relationships in the Internet world.

So those who are interested to try virtual relationships and virtual marriages, remember: it’s not real life.

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